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Pedestrians troubled due to lack of overhead bridge in Baneshwor


Kathmandu, September 25, 2016: The pedestrians at New Baneshwor have been facing many problems as there aren’t any overhead bridges available to cross the road. In a busy road like Baneshwor’s there are also many pedestrians walking each day. Unless the police do not stop the vehicles from both the sides, it is really difficult for the people to cross the road.

Mahadev Rajbanshi, a student of Asian College, travels the route each day. He expressed that he has never got to cross the road with ease. “I have to wait for 5-6 minutes to cross the road,” said Rajbanshi. “Even when I’m getting really late I have to wait till the vehicles stop.” He also added that he had to wait more during office hours. This isn’t only the problem of Rajbanshi but of all the pedestrians walking by New Baneshwor. According to traffic policeman Hikmat Rawal, “The road becomes full of pedestrians when vehicles from both directions are stopped. About 150 pedestrians cross the road at one go.” As specified by Rawal, pedestrians are allowed to cross the road by observing the pressure of vehicles on the road.

Most of the pedestrians wish that if there was an overhead bridge built then it would be much easier for them. Even they would save 15 minutes from their day-to-day life.

As per the need of pedestrians, the Department of Road (DoR) and Kathmandu Metropolitan City office build pedestrian bridges. However, Department of Road has not implemented any plans to build one at Baneshwor. Spokesman for the DoR, Dayakanta Jha, admitted that they couldn’t formulate plans to build a pedestrian bridge regardless the need.

The KMC office has, however, taken forward the plan of building a pedestrian bridge at Baneshwor. “We are sending a proposal to the DoR, requesting to build a pedestrian bridge at Baneshwor,” said Rudra Singh Tamang, chief executive officer of KMC. “The project will be implemented as soon as the department accepts our proposal,” Tamang further added. As per the stats of KMC, 60,000 pedestrians and more than one lakh vehicles travel New Baneshwor on a daily basis. According to Tamang, the bridge will be completed within A few months. The bridge will be five meters tall, covering a distance of 38 meters and three meters wide.

By Khilak Budhathoki