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People of Cheskam Overjoyed Despite the Price Rise In Salt


Solukumbu, Septmeber 27:  People in Solukumbu district, the inhabitants of Cheskam are overjoyed despite the price rise of salt fivefold higher than the regular price.

Salt is one of the affordable and often consumed kitchen commodities in the country. It costs  around Rs. 16 per kg at the retail price and Rs.9 at a fair price shop.

People in this remote VDC of the district are happy enough to avail salt on the onset of the festival. One kg salt costs Rs.55 fair price while the same costs Rs. 75 in the nearest shop in the VDC.

The transportation charge from district headquaters to the VDC would come around Rs.42 per kg. And the locals buy it at Rs. 55 from a local distributer.

Earlier only privileged few in the VDC got the salt at fair price. This year almost households have got around 14 kg of the salt in the festive lights.

“With the accessibility of the salt to all the households in village this year, the locals are happy like the lark,” shared a local Durga Kulung.

Earlier, some group of people had monopolized the salt trading in the district. They would buy the salt from the headquarters and sell arbitrarily anywhere.

This year, on the contrary, the local cooperatives have taken the charge of its distribution and managed to deliver happiness apart form salt to the locals.



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