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People Gradually Moving To Normal Life

Moving towards normal life

Kathmandu, May 6: People are now trying to bring themselves to a normal life with the widening gaps of aftershocks following the April 25 earthquake.

The National Seismological Centre said that since yesterday no tremor above 4 Richter scale has been recorded. He added three aftershocks were there on Tuesday.

Lok Bijay Adhikari, Chief of the Centre said that till Tuesday the aftershocks above four magnitude reached 145, occurring on widening gaps.He further added that such aftershocks could be continued for months, and there is no point to worry on it.

Similarly, people are gradually leaving the open spaces for homes after the inspection of the houses by engineering in the Kathmandu Valley. Meanwhile, those with risky ones are seeking alternative.

Likewise, the number of shops, kiosks and markets opened for customers in the capital city is in increasing number.


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