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People’s Front Nepal slams NC-UML joint proposal

People's Front Nepal slams NC-UML joint proposal
People's Front Nepal slams NC-UML joint proposal

Kathmandu, Nov 18: The People’s Front Nepal has objected to the joint proposal submitted by the Nepali Congress and the CPN (UML) to the Constitutional-Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee of the Constituent Assembly which proposes creating seven provinces while carrying out the state restructuring.

The party denounced this proposal saying it would ultimately lead the country towards disintegration at some time in the future. It also stated that the seven-province model proposed by the two ruling parties could undermine the country’s historical-cultural dignity.

In a press release issued today, the party’s general secretary Sadhya Bahadur Bhandari stressed carrying out state restructuring based on the capacity and geographical feasibility and in a way that it would not jeopardize the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity while keeping intact the country’s historical relations with both its neighbours.

The party has also objected to the proposal of adopting the direct election for electing the House of Representatives and spurning the proportional representation electoral system which is against the spirit of the 2006 People’s Movement.

It also denounced the power trade agreement and the project development agreement for the Upper Karnali Hydroelectricity Project that the government signed last month with India and an Indian company, respectively, saying these agreements were against the national interests.

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