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Personal Branding in the Digital Age

Ajay Pandey

For very long, brand has been associated with companies and products only. But, as per the demand of time, and to increase both visibility and revenue, almost every individual is on their way to building the personal brand. People are focused on creating personal brands with the use of social media because they are aware that people trust the information from the people they know.

Personal branding is all about how people look, think and talk about you. Having good personal brand means you will pay more for your products and services.  Your brand always starts with your values and principles and what you stand for. It might be leadership, teamwork or anything else.

Your brand is about yourself

There is no doubt that there is maximum amount of Return on Investment (ROI) in Branding. No matter whether it is the branding of the person or a company, thinking yourself as a brand is the best thing to start on. Once you are sure how you want your personal brand to be like, start working on the strategies. The subconscious of human mind is made to perceive some qualities when they hear a name.  That is what brand is all about, shaping people’s perception and impression about you. It does not mean that we should turn ourselves into a machine, but working consistently on a strategy will help to achieve more, for sure. Everything you do count in your branding; it either upgrades or degrades, that’s where we need to work out. After all, each work and word counts in branding.

Specialize yourself

Specialization is a must while talking about personal branding. There must be one thing which indicates you while people talk about you. There is nothing better than your specialization. So, doing everything you get is not going to work for personal branding. One must be concentrated towards a certain thing. Your personality must be like something that people can remember for a long time.

The value of online presence and consistency

Creating a strong online presence is one of the major steps towards creating an effective personal brand. It is not necessary that one needs to create a social media page and boost it every single day just to get likes on it. Creating an effective online presence is all about reaching to the right audience and influencing them the right way. Both Facebook and LinkedIn offer groups which help us to find the right audience for us, it’s all about how we use them. Consistency is a must when talking about multiple social platforms. Your audience might search for you in different platforms and if it is not consistent enough, then it doesn’t really count.

I believe, self-awareness and self-improvement are the keys to success, and without this, we can’t really reach our goal.

By Ajay Pandey