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‘Pheri Uthne Chha Nepal’- Nepathaya in concert


Kathmandu, May 09, 2016: Don’t miss the performances of folk rock band Nepathya at Jawalakhel ground this Saturday, May 14. The concert is part of ‘Coca-Cola Pheri Uthne Chha Nepal’ campaign that was launched in August last year to appreciate the spirit of Nepali people after the earthquake in April, 2015.

Priced at Rs 1,000 for a ticket, the concert is organized to support the rehabilitation program of earthquake victims. As stated in the press release, the musical show will provide a joyful and jubilant atmosphere for the people who faced severe crises over the past one year.

Speaking about the concert, Anand Ratnaparkhi, Country Channel and Marketing Manager of Bottlers Nepal Limited said, “We are once again connecting with the people of Nepal through the magic of music, to commend their determination in moving forward from the hardships faced in the last one year.”

All proceeds from the show will be donated to NGOs such as Child Protection Nepal, Work for a Cause Nepal, Sano Paila, WILL, Aishworya Children Home, and Raise of Hope Nepal.

The gates at the venue will open at 5 PM. Students will get a 50% discount.