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Planet Nepal 3 In The End Of October


Kathmandu, 29 October,2014: The third edition of Planet Nepal, a festival of arts and environment, organised by Alliance Francaise of Kathmandu , will start from October 31. The two-day festival will be held in Tundikhel, Kathmandu .

The biennial will be hosting a series of programmes within the two days including concerts, exhibitions, screenings and performances. According to the statement released by the organisers, “Artists can suggest their vision of the world and be a critical vehicle for educating the public, because these major issues are now ubiquitous and are not solely the responsibility of scientists.” So the event will engage artists of varied disciplines to work on themes concerning various environmental issues.

The festival is set to start off with an exhibition on family farming. The General Assembly of the United Nations has declared 2014 as the “International Year of Family Farming” and the exhibition will mark this occasion. The show will attempt to boost the image of family farms and small-holder farming in Nepal. There will also be an exhibition titled “Community Seed Banks”, which aims to promote the conservation of agricultural biodiversity by providing farmers with easy access to a diverse range of seeds and planting materials.

The first day of the exhibition will also feature musical performances by Tangi Penard (performing Brittany Folklore music), Night (A Nepali fusion band), and Kutumba (a Nepali folk instrumental ensemble). Swagatam, a Nepali circus group, will be performing acrobatic and aerial stunts during the evening. Similarly, students and graduates from KUart along with KomplexKapharnaum will be exhibiting their works during the festival.

The farmers’ market, children’s corner, vermicomposting workshop, documentaries and film screenings and performances by Nepal Breakdance Foundation and DJ OOF are scheduled for Saturday.

This year’s festival, like the last two editions, will also involve interactions between various groups and audiences regarding environmental issues.

Admission is free for all.



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