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Plant-for-the-Planet Academy engages village school students in Palpa


Rampur (Palpa), June 5, 2016: On the occasion of World Environment Day 2016, Plant-for-the-Planet Academy was organized in a rural school in the Palpa District to impart a message to school children on the growing impacts of climate change and global warming.

Organized on the premises of Bhu Pu Sainik Rising English School in Rampur Municipality, the programme saw active participation of 90 students from 8 different schools in the locality.

Moderating the programme, Sudeep Ghimire, Global Youth Board (2015/2016) of Plant-for-the-Planet, shared how it is unfair for people living in countries like Nepal are most endangered by global warming while they are the ones least responsible for causing it.

“For most adults future seems to mean 20, 30 or even 40 years.  But for us, children, 2100 AD is still in our lifetime,” said Ghimire. “For adults, it is an academic question whether the sea level rises 1, 2 or 7 meters by the end of this century but for many of us it is a question of survival.”

Participants in the programme developed their own action plans in groups and presented to the teachers and other students. They showed their full curiosity and were very much interested to share the message to their school friends and others on the issue of climate change.

In the programme, the children also planted around 100 trees inside and around the school premises as part of the Billion Tree Campaign by Plant-for-the-Planet.


Chaired by the Resource Person from Rampur Resource Centre Mr. Nar Bahadur Thapa, the programme had Captain Dev Bahadur Thapa, Chairman of the School Management Committee, as the Chief Guest in the programme. Chief Guest along with the school Principal Kapil Khand jointly distributed certificates to all the students participating in the programme.

The Chief Guest Thapa shared that he was very happy to see the students actively participating to save their future. “Charity begins at home. And every individual has to take up the concern for their each and every day to day activities to lead as ecofriendly lifestyle” he remarked.

Founded in the year 2007, Plant-for-the-Planet is a children’s initiative working to raise awareness amongst children and adults about the issues of climate change and global justice. Currently, more than 45 thousand Climate Justice Ambassadors Worldwide are actively working towards the mission.