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Have you ever heard of PlayDay?

PlayDay is one of the national day in UK and now in Europe. This day is observed every year in the first Wednesday of August. It is held to spread awareness regarding the importance of play in children’s lives and also highlight the children’s right to play. Play day is coordinated by Play England, in partnership with Play Wales, Play Scotland and PlayBoard Northern Ireland.

During 1986, there was a rumor in UK that school-based play centers and adventure playgrounds will not be getting fund. In response to this hearsay, a meeting was held by the group of people –‘Playworkers’ who thought to take an initiation of this day, “Playday”. In the initial stage, they focused to raise awareness of the benefits of play and alert people to the potential loss of children’s play services in London, but never thought of it being a national day. But later in 1991, Playday was accredited in UK. It is now one of the most celebrated day.

Playday is celebrated by the whole family, not only children. Family participates in different events and games held by communities in open spaces, and it’s hosted all over UK. Now it doesn’t only aim at the health, well-being and development of children but also adults. It is believed that playing along with children helps adults to maintain a strong bond with your children and improves long-term family well-being. In addition, it helps to relieve stress, improve brain function, stimulate the mind and boost creativity.

About the games and events, they have varieties of playing ideas like playing with water, texture treasure hunt,  drawing and painting, walk together and more. Every year they have a unique theme and for 2019, theme is ‘Play builds Children’. This theme also underlines that playing allows children to learn how to develop relationships and interact, being active through play helps children physically and emotionally.

In 21st century, children are having inactive lifestyle due to the evolution of technology where everything is available at the tip of the finger. Indeed, this day needs to be celebrated all over the world and raise awareness.