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Plunging into the Vlog journey


Having seen Vlogs on YouTube or social media is always fascinating. What is more fascinating is seeing how a vlog is made. Moreover, you see how random acts of talking to camera and recording videos can be shared among a number of people in a fun and interesting way.

My vlog journey started with Prashanna Shakya from Buzz Nepal, a popular vlogger in the town, whose story was recently featured by Glocal Khabar. He was doing his vlog giving out food review, and I joined him in his upcoming episode of vlog. As scheduled, we met at Le Mantra, Basantapur. A quick chit-chat with the co-owner of Le Mantra Pranit Suwal gave me an insight of why the restaurant stood different among many food joints in that area. Only four months old, Le Mantra offers food from different parts of the world. He also said that the main idea behind opening a restaurant was their passion towards restaurant business and their eagerness to serve customers with notable dishes and not only Mo:Mo or Chowmein.

In Le Mantra, we tasted Scotch egg with chicken and Choco-Lava. As the chef Sanil Dangol said, Scotch egg is one of the most famous street food in Europe. Certainly, he brought the Europe in the street of Basantapur by bringing the flavours from Europe and presenting it with a twist by infusing a Mexican style. The dish consisted of an egg that was boiled to a certain temperature, deep fried with minced Chicken and bread crumbs covering and served with barbecued fries along with salad. The egg was perfectly boiled with a molten yolk inside. The chili flakes and oregano sprinkled on barbecued fries paid homage to Italy and their freshly made barbecued sauce complemented the dish by bringing uniqueness to taste. The taste was perfectly balanced with good flavours. Also, the plating made both of us dig into food again.

After that, we tasted Choco Lava. This sweet dish had a crust on the outer side with a molten chocolate on the inside. This is an absolute treat that combines the elements of flourless chocolate cake. Again, the sweet taste was correctly balanced and the dish was so good that we ended up having a ‘ Choco-Lava eating competition’.

Next, we headed to Hotpot in Kamaladi. I was very impressed with how a small space was utilized as a shop. Also, it had a fine contemporary decoration and comfy sitting arrangements that made it a perfect place to sip a coffee, eat cakes and talk. Jasmin joined us here. We ordered chocolate Mocha and Americano along with cheesecake, eclairs, and chocolate roll. The bakery items were freshly baked while the coffee was garden-fresh.

With our stomach loaded with food and smiles on our faces, we concluded our vlog in Hotpot. The day was full of amazing people and good food and talks.

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By Anusha Kadel