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Plus II curriculum revision in final phase

Bhaktapur, April 20, 2016: Higher Secondary Education Board is in the final stage of modifying the curriculum of various subjects of grade XI and XII.

The academic session of grade XI will begin as soon as the result of School Leaving Certificate exam is published.

Last year, the academic session of grade XI had begun from August 1.

The Curriculum and Training Division had started modifying the curriculum last year to implement it from this academic session, which is just a few months away.

Jung Bahadur Aryal, chief, Curriculum and Training Division, HSEB today said that they were in the final stage of modifying the curriculum of various subjects that were in high demand among students.

He said, “We are currently teaching more than 100 subjects in grade XI and XII, but those subjects which are in demand among students were given more attention and preference for modification.”

HSEB has 159 subjects in total in grades XI and XII.

He informed that subjects such as Maithali, Newari, German and few others were of less interest to students at present, therefore they have not revised their curriculum.

Meanwhile, subjects such as Economics, Accounts, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism and Mass Communication, where in high demand, thus the HSEB was giving preference to these subjects.

“We need to make the curriculum updated and relevant for the 21st century, therefore HSEB had started curriculum modification,” he added.

Aryal also stated that the Division has formed subject committees with experts to revise the curriculum, which will submit the modified curriculum within a few weeks.

“As soon as the curriculum is modified completely, we will make it public by putting them into our websites,” he added.

HSEB was established in 1989 when the new curriculum for higher secondary level was prepared.

He stated that the curriculum was revised in 1999 the last time and slight changes were made after that.

HSEB began technical education in grade XI from last year by preparing a new curriculum for technical subjects. It had also enlisted 12 technical subjects each in grade XI and grade XII for modification.

He said, “We have already stated modifying the curriculum of technical subjects as well.”