PM Koirala calls on political parties to initiate fruitful dialogue

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PM Koirala calls on political parties to initiate fruitful dialogue

Kathmandu, Feb 8: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala has called on partners of the Comprehensive Peace Accord and people’s movement as well as all political parties and their leaders, who are in the Constituent Assembly (CA), to engage in constitution writing process and to initiate talks immediately to forge consensus and understanding on the same.

Issuing a press statement here today, the Prime Minister said, “Let’s take the issues closer to consensus from January 19 ahead and work to take the country towards the path of political stability and progress by ending the ongoing transition and thereby build a new federal democratic republic Nepal at the earliest.”

Stating that possibility of economic prosperity of the country had become uncertain due to the long transition in the country, he said the political parties and leaders should be responsible and active to give an outlet to the country and the people by ending the situation soon.
The Prime Minister further said the ongoing constitution writing process should not delayed any further. He said the wish of the Nepali people to run the country through a constitution written by their elected representatives remains unfulfilled since 2007 B.S.

Prime Minister Koirala’s call for a dialogue today comes at a time when the opposition parties and Madhesi alliance have announced agitation by keeping themselves away from the constitution writing process, while the ruling parties’ leaders have said that efforts for a consensus with the opposition parties would continue simultaneously.

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