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PM Koirala Pledged To Transform Nepal Into A Modern And Developed Country


Kathmandu, June 23: Prime Minister Sushil Koirala while receiving the relief assistance provided by the Kantipur Media Group to the Prime Minister Natural Disaster Relief Fund at his own official residence at Baluwatar today has expressed the confidence that the country would very soon become modern and developed.

PM pledged to transform Nepal into a modern and developed country and stated the commitment he will be successful in his mission too.He further said that along with the constitution drafting process the country has moved ahead on the way to reconstruction.

He added that after the promulgation of new constitution the country would get to the prosperity, political stability and peace and said such goals would be fulfilled by using the natural resources as the country has adequate natural resources.

Furthermore, he stated that with the stability of democracy and development the future of the media sector is also connected as the sector is always behind various democratic movements. Therefore, Prime Minister Koirala expressed his confidence for the positive role of the media for stabilizing the democracy and timely constitution as well.


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