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PM’s call positive but not trust-worthy: 30-party Alliance

PM's call positive but not trust-worthy: 30-party Alliance
PM'S Statement Positive: Opposition Leader

Kathmandu, Feb 9: The 30-party Alliance led by the UCPN (Maoist) has concluded that although the call for talks made by the Prime Minister to the alliance on Sunday was positive, it did not carry the spirit of a change.

Today’s meeting of the Alliance held at the Parliamentary Party Office of the UCPN (Maoist) at Singha Durbar determined that an environment conducive for talks would not be created until the majority process forwarded by the ruling parties was stopped.

Alliance Spokesperson Prem Bahadur Singh told reporters that the meeting stressed on the need of creating an environment to bring together all the companions of the people’s movement and peace process as per the spirit of the 12-point agreement, Interim Constitution, Comprehensive Peace Accord by halting the majority process.

Singh said, “The Prime Minister’s call on Sunday does create a trust-worthy environment for successful talks to write a new constitution on the basis of consensus” Expressing gratitude towards the initiative and concern shown by the Prime Minister, the Alliance once again urged the ruling parties to build result-oriented and trust-worthy environment.

The joint meeting of 30 parties, 19 represented in the Constituent Assembly (CA) and 11 out of CA, reiterated that the new constitution should be promulgated through a consensus. The Alliance also stressed that the protest programmes would continue as planned unless a trust-worthy environment was created for talks to promulgate the new constitution through consensus.

Talking to media persons after the meeting, Chairman of the Federal Republic Socialist Party, Parashuram Tamang, said that though the call of the Prime Minister for talks was positive it is not trust-worthy.

Issuing a press release after the meeting, Alliance Coordinator and UCPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal said that the Alliance is in favour of a dialogue talks but a trust-worthy environment should be created for the same.

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