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POEM Marathon starts for local level election


Kathmandu, April 23, 2017: On Saturday afternoon at Basantapur Durbar Square, Pabitra Bhattarai, originally from Gorkha, could be seen reciting a poem on youth leadership and awareness focusing on the upcoming local level election.

Similarly, Ajay Pandey, originally from Kapilvastu could also be seen performing his poem on youth awareness for the local election, and what do they need to take into consideration before casting their ballots for a particular candidate.

Along with Bhattarai and Pandey, poets from as many as 12 districts had artistically performed their poems, that revolved around the theme of youth issues, necessity of the local level election, importance of voting, youth leadership, and issues of youth in Terai among others.

A huge crowd had gathered around to witness their performance.

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They were reciting their poems as part of the YOUthVoteNepal, an election campaign by various youth organizations in Nepal to promote youth leadership, and make the political parties committed for youth issues. And, this was the first among the series of poem marathons organized as part of the campaign.

“As part of the campaign, we have already submitted memorandums to various political parties and authorities concerned to make them aware of the youth issues, and have staged street drama for raising public awareness about the election. This poem marathon is the continuation of the campaign,” shared Sanjog Thakuri, coordinator of the campaign.

The YOUthVoteNepal campaign was launched to carry out advocacy on youths’ agendas during the upcoming local elections. Youth organizations from more than 30 districts of Nepal are the constituents of the campaign. Yuwalaya, Achel Natya Samuha, Glocal Khabar, Saathi Sanga Manka Kura radio programme, We for Change, Yuwa, YAV Nepal, Sirjansil Samaj Nepal, Youth Initiative, Active Youth Society, Jagriti Child and Youth Concern Nepal, and Dynamic Youth Forum are some core constituents of the campaign.