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Ponchos: Clothing this Winter


02 December, 2015: Earlier poncho was seen limited, selling a classic knit ponchos in excess of colors which are no longer fashionable today. Ponchos themselves are making quite the comeback in the fashion world. Ponchos these days are experimented with different looks, and we see a few successful ways to pull off this new style!women-s-plus-size-batwing-sleeve-hollow-smock-loose-poncho-coat-overall-pullover-autumn-clothes-2011_250x250

Poncho with bare forearms does not look great. A simple, solid-colored, tight long-sleeved t-shirt is perfect under a poncho. Usually bright colors like pinks, greens, and reds add a fun feel for an entire outfit and for sure teaming it with a skinny jeans. Color playing really works well with ponchos and gives a fun touch!

Accessorize a ponchos with a suede hat. A hat makes a trendy outfit even trendier and you will be highly addressed on the street with your coolest accessory around. Boots are the perfect for your entire poncho outfit. Ponchos tend to be baggy, and a heeled boots makes the look a little more elegant and more “crisp.”

Ponchos are the new frontier in fashion, anyone can pull off this latest trend! Buy a poncho that is versatile and coherent with your taste in clothing. A Poncho is what you need this winter!!



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