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Positive pressure necessary to bring new constitution on Jan. 22


Kathmandu, Oct 17: Leaders of different political parties have stressed on the need of exerting positive pressure to promulgate the new constitution in the slated time by incorporating rights of women, Madhesi, Dalit and suppressed communities.

At a programme organised by the Dalit Citizens’ Society here today, they pointed out the need of exerting positive pressure to political leaders by leaders of civil society, intellectuals and all organisations and communities to promulgate the new constitution on January 22, 2015.


On the occasion, UCPN (Maoist) leader Bishwo Bhakta Dulal Aahuti said that conspiracy is being hatched to curtail the rights of suppressed community by disowning the achievements of the first Constituent Assembly.


He said the whole Dalit community should have a common view over disputed issues of the constitution including state restructuring, form of governance, judicial and electoral systems.


Similarly, Nepali Congress leader Shambhu Hajara Paswan said that struggle should be for equal participation in every structure of the State rather than guaranteeing rights in the new constitution.


Likewise, CPN (UML) leader Jitu Gautam expressed the view that although there are some differences whether or not the word ‘Dalit’ should be kept in the new constitution, it should not be removed until the advancement of the Dalit community.


CPN -Maoist leader Tilak Pariyar complained over not making a single minister from the Dalit community in the incumbent government.


Stating that the Dalit community could not make their views clear on the serious issues of the constitution like federalism, political analyst Krishna Hachhethu pointed out the need of unity among the Dalit community.


 Similarly, lawmaker Daljit Shreepaili, among others said that a joint movement of Dalits should be waged to guarantee their rights. Source: RSS





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