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Positive thinking: Essence of Life


Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results.”-Remez Sasson

“If we think positive we get positive results.” I initiate about the question – Why positive thinkers get positive results? Of course! We desire positive results in doing good job, in reaching our goals, in maintaining good health and in living our life. Here is the good news, good results can be with us. “How?” -The question arises.

A positive attitude on life is arguable and this one of the most powerful assets .Over the years of observing people who attained successful result, I came to the conclusion, based on actual knowledge, that positive thinkers get inevitably positive and powerful results. Positive people looking ahead to success, good health, happiness, wealth and good relationships and those things be liable to show up in their lives. This does not mean that they are already successful, it is simply the positive attitude.

There is a strong definite mutual relationship between positive thinking and positive or good results. Explicitly, it is stated that think positively, act positively, imagine positively, pray positively and believe positively and the powerful results will be with us. Of course, in our life obstacles rises up and communicate with us. We may face an epidemic level of stress, depression, and anxiety. This gets difficult, feels pessimistic and definitely it is easy to fall prey to negative thinking. According to my experience, negative vibes or thoughts play out like a movie can bring pain and unhappiness. When we start to have habitual habit thinking about negative thoughts, it is hard to stop them. And it is not easier to shift towards positive thoughts. But there is a way, we must detach from all negativity vibes and look for positive attitude. Positive thinking is just warm thoughts and it is the initial footstep in truly being able to get whatever you want in life. There is a saying anything is possible with optimism and fighter always wins the battle.

This quote sounds great “Power of Positive Thinking.” Yes, this statement determines the foundation of every success. We always choose positivity over negativity and whole world will change for the better and we can find the joy of happiness. If I got a positive thinking, I will eventually lead my life with enthusiasm and confidence. I will not have any fear, rather I can inspire people around me. The virtue of being positive is actually very special.

Consequently positive thinking gets positive results.  “You get what you work for positively” has always been an appropriate motto for me.

-Swechha Poudel