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Possible risk of Imja Glacial Lake outburst down


Solukhumbu, November 23, 2016: The risk of a possible disaster from Imja Glacial Lake in Solukhumbu district has decreased with the Nepal Army succeeded in lowering its water level.

The NA personnel worked hard for eight months to avert a possible danger from the lake and finally succeeded in bringing down the lake water level by 3.4 meters. The lake is one of the fastest growing glacial lakes in the Himalayas which is at a high risk of bursting.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) funded Community Based Flood and Glacial Lake Outburst Risk Reduction Project to reduce the lake’s water level.

The NA had started to work on the project last April. The UNDP funded Rs 300 million for its implementation of the project. The Department of Meteorology and Hydrology will now regularly monitor the status of the lake and take efforts for its management.


Minister for Defence Balkrishna Khand was here today to inaugurate a technical structure installed at Khumjung here after a success in lowering the water level. On the occasion, he applauded the NA for its accomplishment in draining the water off the lake.

Minister for Population and Environment Jayadev Joshi who was also present on the occasion said the successful accomplishment of the NA in reducing a possible danger from the Imja Lake has proved its competency on multiple fronts.

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