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Post-quake Reconstruction Must Be With Nepali Culture Preservation: President of Geography Centre Nepal


Kathmandu, May 31: President of Geography Centre Nepal Prof Ram Kumar Pande Stressed that post-quake reconstruction should not spoil the Nepali culture and identity.

He said that as Nepali communities have their own style of constructing houses, they should be preserved and we should not hurry, but instead first carry out a detail study to maintain the old structure, and also follow the latest technology. Further, he added that haphazard use of corrugated sheets could spoil the traditional scenario, atmosphere and culture of Nepali homes unique to various ethnic groups.

Mr Pande, former lecturer of geography at the Tribhuvan University pointed out the need for a good plan of settlements development that reflect the Nepali identity, along with consideration of applicable technology stating that houses and settlements should be developed only in locations recommended by the geologists and geographers. He also suggested that seeking out alternative to the decision to discourage multi-storey buildings, as space would be required for the tenants as well as those coming to the cities for few days. He also mentioned that the earthquake survivors should not be shifted adverse to their daily environment.

Referring to the recent incident that took place after the Kaligandaki river was clogged by landslides in Myagdi he suggested settlements along the river banks should be shifted to safer locations immediately and Pande also said that an arrangement should be made to bring back the quake survivors to their place of residence from the tents, for integrated settlements at determined locations, for construction of toilet and establishment of disaster management offices in district level, among others.

Prof. Pande suggested that the bodies concerned to include the subject of Nepal’s Geography, Disaster and Management in school and college curriculum. The school and college students should be familiarized about different types of disaster including floods, landslide, bursting of lake, avalanche, among others, he said.

To make disaster management activities effective during times of natural disaster including quake, landslide, flood, fire, among others the offices should be well resourced and local offices should be set up by establishing the Disaster Management Ministry.


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