Prakashman Singh Sees Need Of Resuming CA Business Soon

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Prakashman Singh sees need of resuming CA business soon

Morang (Pathari),21 March 2015: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Local Development Prakashman Singh has argued that the Constituent Assembly (CA) business should not be impeded for many days.

Talking to media persons at Biratnagar Airport Saturday, Singh, also the lawmaker from Nepali Congress, stressed  that the CA  should not delay further in resuming the constitution drafting even if political parties do not forge a consensus on the disputed issues of the new constitution.

The agitation announced by the 30-party alliance headed by the main opposition UCPN (Maoist) has no meaning as the drafting of the constitution through the street was never possible and it would not resolve problems existing in the country either, he said.

It may be noted that the CA Chair had announced the adjournment of CA proceedings at the call of political parties who promised him to settle the disputes issues of the forthcoming constitution through an agreement, but they have yet to keep their words.




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