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Preliminary round of 13th KCM Inter College Music Competition concludes


12 bands qualify for the grand finale

Kathmandu, March 1, 2017: The preliminary round of the 13th edition of KCM Inter College Music Competition has concluded in the town, with selecting of 12 bands to battle in the grand finale of the competition.

The competition took place on 24 and 25 February at the Kathmandu College of Management premises, Gwarko. And, 15 participating bands altogether performed their best on the occasion. The bands had to perform a total of two songs, out of which, one had to be self-composed track.

The bands were judged by a 3-member jury team comprising popular Nepali musicians viz. Sarad Shrestha, guitarist of the band Tumbleweed Inc., Sanjeet Tuladhar, a Drummer, and Sunny Mahat, a Bassist from the band Midnight Riders.

Out of the fifteen participating bands, twelve bands have been qualified for the grand finale, which is happening on 11th March at the Jawalakhel Football Ground. Ten bands were chosen according to the judge’s remarks (70% of total marking) and ticket voting (30%). The remaining two entered the finale as Judge’s, and Public choices.

The twelve qualifying bands are ‘Flesh Eater’ from Royal Music Academy, ‘On Your Mark’ from Golden Gate International College, ‘Vivace Octave’ from Apex College, ‘Screaming Marionette’ from Pathshala, ‘Demigod’ from Jaya Multiple Campus, ‘Elicit’ from British Model College, ‘Maun’ from Liverpool International College, ‘Ignition Ignite’ from Acoustica Studio, ‘The Inception’ also from Royal Music Academy, ‘Destroycm’ from Kaleidoscope Music Academy, ‘Sabotage’ from Shrijana Arts Academy, and ‘Sangarsha’ from Evergreen Higher Secondary School.

Three more bands also performed in the event as the guest bands. The bands were ‘The Exorcist’, the winner of 12th KCM ICMC, ‘Desperate Mile’, the second runner-up of the 12th KCM ICMC, and ‘Crown of Thrones’, the first runner-up of 11th KCM ICMC.

“Music is an electrical soil, in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents. Besides being a platform for the college music enthusiasts to showcase their talent as well as get a platform to receive the spotlight in the public, this event is held every year to connect the youths and music enthusiast of all age group around the nation,” said the organizers in a press release.

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