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Preparation for Chhath festival increases


Rautahat, 26 Oct 2014: Preparation for the Chhath festival has been expedited in the districts of the central Tarai, including Rautahat.

The environs of the water resources as pond, river and well have been neat and tidy and decorated for the Chhatah festival falling on October 29 this year.

The area near the rivers, wells and ponds in the rural area of Chandranigahapur, Garuda, Gaur, Simrabhawanipur and Samanpur in the district are very clean and well decorated by different festival management committees, said Jayamangal Yadav, Chairman of Chhath puja management committee of Mothiyahi.

According to him, the management committee also provides shelter and security to the devotees and audiences on the day of Chhath.

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