Preparation on for execution of ‘Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project’


    Kailali, August 25, 2016: Minister for Agriculture Gauri Shanker Chaudhary said that the government has stepped up its preparation for the execution of ‘Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project’ in keeping with the welfare of farmers.

    At a press conference organized by the Public Media Club on Wednesday, Minister Chaudhary said the preparation of final report to advance the project implementation is underway.

    Noting that the project implementation would significantly contribute to the development of agriculture sector, he informed the Ministry has put forward its works to improve compost fertilizers pits in rural areas.

    The farmers will be classified into four categories for incentives, he said, adding that the government has expedited its preparation to enforce ‘Farmer Pension’ scheme based on definite criteria.

    The Minister also shared the information that the government has allocated a budget of Rs 5.78 billion for the execution of the ‘Prime Minister Agriculture Modernization Project’.

    Source: RSS