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President Urges Parties To Sit For Dialogue

President Urges Parties To Sit For Dialogue
President Urges Parties To Sit For Dialogue

Kathmandu,11 Feb 2015: President Dr Ram Baran Yadav has urged all political parties to give up their stances and sit for constructive dialogue.

Addressing a function organised on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) on Wednesday, the Head of the State said he had already met with top leaders of the political parties and realised that a consensus was not afar. He was hopeful that political parties would reach to a common understanding regarding the disputed issues of the new constitution soon.

The matters of constitution-drafting and prevention of corruption share a mutual relation and a delay in drafting the constitution would lengthen transition and instability which would promote corruption and bad governance in the country.  Timely drafting of the constitution would help control corruption, he argued.

Reminding the political parties of their commitments to draft the new constitution within January 22 which they had already missed, the President said some weaknesses were behind there in political parties’ failure to fulfill their promises, and it has caused frustrations among the people.

He said he was hopeful that parties would take a decisive move in nation’s interests with taking lessons from past experiences and rising above partisan interests. Corruption was a common problem of all and collective efforts were needed to fight against this and enforce a zero-tolerance policy against corruption and establish a corruption-free society, according to the President.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Sushil Koirala said good governance is the means of establishing peace and stability in the society. He praised the CIAA for its support in creating environment favourbale for drafting an inclusive democratic constitution in the country and its steps taken against corruption control.

“Promotion of good governance is the top priority of the government,” the PM said, expecting more support and cooperation from the CIAA to meet its priority.

The CIAA should encourage ideal personality from every sector dedicated to the welfare of nation and people when there was lack of good conducts and high morale in the Nepali society, he stressed.

On the same occasion, the PM appealed to all political parties in and out of the Constituent Assembly (CA) to participate in a great mission of drafting the new constitution which aims to lead the country to peace, happiness and prosperity.

CIAA Chief Lokman Singh Karki said illegal, immoral and unwanted activities taking place in the Nepali society were the consequences of lack of discipline, morality and good conducts. The CIAA could make a significant stride regarding the corruption if it got support and cooperation from the entire Nepali people.

Commission Secretary Prem Kumar Rai said the CIAA was free from any prejudices, ill intentions and revenge and doing its duty accordingly.

Former CIAA chiefs Radharaman Upadhyay, Madhusudan Prasad Gorkhali and Suryanath Upadhyay were honoured on the occasion. Eight employees were awarded the best employee prize.

On the occasion, the PM launched a book by Chief Karki and a souvenir as well.



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