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Press Conference: Encouraging Nepali Consultancies upon Foreign Investment


Kathmandu, July 30, 2018:  A discussion panel was held on Kathmandu regarding the permission of Foreign investment on the consultation sector among the organizations related to the sector. The discussion was about different issues that might arise after permission is granted to the foreign investors. The panelist included President of ECAN Bishnu Hari Pandey, President of FECON Yuvraj Katuwal, President of IERIN Kumar Karki, General Secretary of NAAER Bigyan Shrestha and Original Chancellor of JALSAN Jhamaklal Shrestha.

During the discussion, many issues were noted and discussed different aspects. After the permission is granted, the rate of student flying abroad will definitely increase proportionately with the foreign involvement in the consultation sector. The tax on the commission will also decrease abruptly as the foreign investors will pay the commission in their own country. This will also hamper the small to big consultancies and then the unemployment rate will skyrocket.  Foreign investors like IDP does not have a good history when it was here in Nepal back in 2008 A.D. And we cannot be sure about it this time just because it will be conducting IELTS exams. The detailed database of student might be prone to a high-security threat if IDP starts conducting IELTS as it will have access to the database. Industry ministry did send a suggestion to the Education Ministry regarding restriction of the foreign involvement in this sector but the political influence is determined to permit the investment.

The conclusion of the discussion was that the government should encourage and support the local consultancy and should be aware against the strategy of investing small and make a big profit by the foreign investors. This is a service and the panelist believed that Nepali should serve Nepali students. Consult Nepal