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Preventing Suicide


Suicide is among one of the top ten leading causes of death. According to WHO, almost 80000 people die due to suicide every year in the world which means one person dies every 40 second?  These are just the data counted based on the number of deaths, it would have been a lot bigger if the suicide attempts too had been included. Rather than decreasing, this horrifying data seems to be increasing gradually with time.

Generally, Suicide is common among the people of the age group (10 to 34) years old and most people commit suicide during their teenage years. There are a lot of changes that one has to go through during the teenage phase which is also often called a transitional phase. During this time, one is still young and unable to take all the decisions of life alone. When life becomes a lot harder than you imagine, when there are heartbreaks and you can do nothing but regret, you tend to think it’s the end of the world. You even sometimes think that you are the loneliest person in this world. This type of pessimistic thoughts leads then to suicidal thoughts. You feel that you have no purpose and nowhere to go.

It may seem only a person has died, but when a person dies their entire family suffers. Suicide is not at all a solution to the problems in life. Human life is full of problems; no one knows what will happen next.  Instead of giving up, we should try to cope up with them. Losing hope will never work. We need to try t cherish each and every moment of life. Life is an emotional roller coaster ride; things are not the same as it was just before a second and will neither be a second later.

Things may not always go as per plan, but one can live fully in the present so that there is no such thing called regret. While suicide is common all over the world, we all need to know how to deal with it or how can we help someone who is having suicidal thoughts. These people need company and someone whom he/she can talk frequently, with whom they can share their feelings.

At this particular age, teenagers go through a lot of changes that can merely be described in words. They feel themselves being stressed out all the time. This is because of the hormonal change as well as the growing responsibilities on their shoulders. Not only the teenagers, has anyone suffered from depression as well as suicidal thoughts. Another major reason for suicide is the pressure of studies as well as scoring good grades. In Nepal, every year when they publish the SEE results, there is always at least a student who commits suicide. It’s not only the fault of a student but it’s us too. We tend to give so much priority to the academics and result that the students think their life has come to an end when they get bad grades. There are thousands of chances and opportunities to prove one in the future days to come. Each individual is unique, we should stop comparing.

When a person dies, it is not only their family who suffers. A nation loses its valuable asset. And in the end, you are never remembered for giving up; the world only remembers those who fall down seven times but stand up at the eighth.

– Anupa Khanal