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Price Of Football: Ticket Increases Outstrip Cost Of Living


18 OCT 2014:The average price of the cheapest tickets across English football has risen at almost twice the rate of the cost of living since 2011.

BBC Sport’s Price of Football study analysed how much fans are charged at 207 clubs.

The average price of the cheapest match-day ticket from the Premier League to League Two is now £21.49.

It has increased 13% since 2011, compared to a 6.8% rise in the cost of living.

Year-on-year it is up 4.4%, more than treble the 1.2% rate of inflation.

Critics of the price hikes said clubs had lost touch with fans and argued that the recent £3.1bn windfall from television rights should have resulted in a drop in ticket prices for supporters.

But some clubs, particularly those in the Premier League, point to packed-out stadiums as proof they have got pricing right.

The Price of Football is in its fourth year and is the largest study of its kind in Britain, covering 176 clubs across 11 division in British football and 31 clubs from 10 different leagues in Europe.

As well as ticket prices, information was gathered about the price of replica shirts, pies, programmes and a cup of tea. For the first time this year Price of Football worked out the cost to supporters for each home goal their team scored.

Here are some key findings:

  • Arsenal have the most expensive match-day ticket in the Premier League at £97. That’s down £29 on last season but still more than double the most expensive match-day ticket at seven other top-flight clubs
  • The Gunners also have the most expensive season ticket in the top flight at £2,013, although it includes seven credits for cup competitions. Their cheapest season ticket is £1,014, which is more than 17 Premier League clubs charge for their most expensive one.
  • Manchester City have the league’s cheapest season ticket at £299. That’s cheaper than at 15 Championship clubs, 10 clubs in League One, four in League Two and even one in the Conference.
  • Charlton’s £150 season ticket is the cheapest in England’s top four divisions. However, Barcelona charge around £103 for their lowest-priced season ticket.
  • In Scotland’s Premiership the average price for the cheapest day out at Premiership matches, including a match-day ticket, pie, cup of tea and a programme, increased by just 61p to £26.95 from last season.



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