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Price of salt skyrockets in rural Gokha

Iodized salt in Nepal

Gorkha, July 25, 2016: The price of one of the daily consumable commodities in kitchen, salt, has skyrocketed in the northern part of Gorkha district, a relatively remote settlement.

A kilogramme of salt that cost Rs 20 in general cost Rs 150 in these rural areas.

The VDCs in northern part of Gorkha district such as Loh, Prok, Bihi, Chumchet, Keraunja and Kashi among others are not connected to road thus the daily consummables, including foods items, are mostly ferried by using mules.

Due to the disruption in Manaslu trekking route owing to rain-triggered landslide, the transportation of goods using mule has come to a halt, adding to the woe of local consumers, according to local teacher Bir Bahadur Lama.

Furthermore, Lama reasons the rise in price of the commodities as the mule owners prioritize the transportation of construction materials for post-quake reconstruction drive.

Due to the unavailability of adequate mules, the traders are ready to bear higher price to transport the daily consumable goods which eventually hits hard the consumers for they have to pay higher for the goods.

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