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Prime Minister To Be Part Of Artist Friendly Match


May 31, 2015: A friendly match has been pledged by Prime Minister Sushil Koirala to be held between leaders of political parties and cine artists in Kathmandu on coming June 6 (Saturday).

‘Naya Patrika’ has organized the tournament to raise relief assistance for earthquake survivors. Prime Minister said that the organizers have invited him to attend the programme and he assured he will surely show up in the friendly match meant to raise funds for quake-affected people. He further told that the country is reeling from a massive natural disaster where thousands of citizens have lost their lives and tens of thousands have been rendered homeless and painful situation and he fully support and appreciate the move to lend support to the denizens who are passing through a post-quake trauma.

Further Prime Minister Koirala said that it would be easier to distribute relief to the areas which were less attentive and mentioned that the Chief District Officer has all information where the relief aid and materials have adequately reached and where not called for the organizer to reach out the assistance raised from the charity to the victims in coordination with government authorities.

He clarified that to operate the Prime Minister Natural Disaster Relief Fund the the committee headed by National Planning Commission (NPC) Vice-chairperson comprising secretaries of eight ministries as members is mandated.

The Prime Minister also made it clear that to ensure balance flow of relief assistance to the accessible and remote areas during the time of disaster the government has adopted a one door system . And added that the prime minister has no role in the management and operation of the fund.


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