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Prioritize ending blockade and post-quake reconstruction

Prioritize ending blockade and post-quake reconstruction
Prioritize ending blockade and post-quake reconstruction

Kathmandu, Nov 1: The political leaders on Sunday called on the government to prioritize ending the Indian government’s undeclared economic blockade and resuming the post-quake rebuilding process.

At an interaction on ‘New Government’s Priority and Challenges’ held by Nepal-India Friendship Society in the capital city, speakers insisted on the necessity to address the agitation continuing in Tarai-Madhes.

CPN (UML) leader Bharat Mohan Adhikari said India must immediately end the trade embargo in consideration of the problems seen in daily lives of the Nepali people and the festive season. Branding the newly promulgated constitution as the best in the world, he said there is no point in continuing the agitation as majority of the demands of the Madhes-centric parties had been addressed.

UML Secretary Pradeep Gyawali said the Nepal-India relations were at a critical juncture while urging Indian Ambassador to Nepal Ranjit Rae, who was present on the occasion, to seek a solution quickly.

UCPN (Maoist) Standing Committee member Devendra Poudel argued that Nepal should be allowed to exercise the rights of a landlocked country and added that India should not intervene.

Former House Speaker Damannath Dhungana said the constitution was politically weak despite being legally sound.

On the occasion, former Nepali ambassadors to India Lokraj Baral and Durgesman Singh, said the relations between Nepal and India which had been at a height during Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Nepal, had taken a downhill path.

Saddened by increasing anti-Indian sentiment in Nepal: Indian Ambassador Rae
Indian Ambassador Rae said he was saddened by the increasing anti-Indian sentiment in Nepal. Underlining the Nepal-India relations as unlike that between India and other countries, Rae insisted no one could break such a relation.

“India is not Nepal’s enemy and it can never be, we can never imagine such a thing,” he said. He termed the ups and downs as usual aspects in a relation and added that Nepal-India relations will regain its former composition.

Ambassador Rae said India was sad to learn of the circulating rumour that India did not want a new constitution in Nepal. He added that he wanted peace and stability to prevail in Nepal as absence of peace and instability in Nepal would have effects across the border in India.

He said Nepal should itself find the solution to the ongoing agitation in Madhes and expressed belief a resolution will soon be achieved.

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