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June 15, 2016

Bangladesh is all set to build a 142 storey high tower. Once completed, it would stand as the tallest one in South Asia. In a new budget presented by Abul Mal Abdul Muhit, the Minister of Finance has declared that Bangladesh has taken an ambitious project of constructing the highest tower in South Asia within two years, to set a symbol of growth.

All the growth indicators declare Bangladesh to be a rising superpower in Asia. With youths comprising a majority of chunk in population, Bangladesh is a shining example of growth in every sector. From internet usage to cricket, from the reduced child mortality rate to the growth in the business sector, the country boasting 160 million people is growing at break-a-neck speed with a GDP of $172.9 billion (2014, world bank) and 6% economic growth. With a garment sector that is only seconded by China, fast paced digitization, all set to send its first satellite into space, the country has become a hub for regional and inter-continental trades and businesses.

But are all the indicators representing the majority? Is Bangladesh becoming a failed state because of income disparity between the riches and the poors? Besides the streets of Gulshan and Baridhara, where all the rich people of Bangladesh ride Porsche and other expensive cars, people are seen buying vegetables that are thrown out by the chain-shops. The duplex houses hide the faces of true hunger in the faces of thousands of slum dwellers.

Without a proper trickle down economy, the question that must be risen is if the poor are getting more exploited and the rich getting richer?  With the paradox of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world and at this moment a country where freedom of expression and human rights are being violated regularly with extremism and secret killings and incarceration happening almost on a daily basis, one must also ask where does this project fit in the picture?

Photo Courtesy: BDNews24

By Sarker Shams Bin Sharif 

The writer is an Honours Graduate in English from Rajshahi University and is a Bangladesh correspondent for Glocal Khabar.