Private Sector Won’t Have Any Role on Visa Issuance: Home Ministry

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Private Sector Won't Have Any Role on Visa Issuance: Home Ministry

Kathmandu, 4 April, 2015 : The Home Ministry has made it clear that although the involvement of private sector in the process of issuing visa was proposed earlier, the private sector won’t have any direct role at all on examination and issuance of the visa.

Writing a letter to the International Affairs and Labour Committee of the Legislature-Parliament on Tuesday, the Home Ministry made it clear that the proposed provision was that the private sectors could only develop a website for online application for visa. The application would be sent online to the Immigration Department for further scrutiny.

The letter bearing the signature of Home Secretary Surya Silwal mentioned that the private sector would technically facilitate on running the online service, but not involve in the examination of issuance of the visa.

The Public Procurement Act 2063 has stated that the government could seek consultancy if it has inadequate facilities. And the services could be bought based on the Act and its regulations, said the Home Ministry’s letter, adding, the documents for bidding would also be approved after the consent from the Home Ministry.

So far, no company has proposed for establishment of the visa processing system.

The Home Ministry has argued that once the online system is introduced, it would help get accurate information on arrival and departures of the people very quickly and curb the infiltration of the criminals in Nepal.

Also reminded in the letter was that the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has already directed Nepal to ensure every standard on the arrival and departure of people in terms of passport, visa, and other documents to be born during the travel. And, Nepal still lacks the secured and safe MRP and MRP visa processing, added the letter.

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