Problems To Be Addressed Through Talks And Dialogue

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Problems To Be Addressed Through Talks And Dialogue

Kathmandu, Jan 28: Prime Minister and Nepali Congress President Sushil Koirala has said the deadlock seen in the constitution writing would be settled through talks and dialogue.

The Prime Minister said this while addressing the Nepali Congress District Secretaries who were invited to a tea reception at the Prime Minister’s official residence at Baluwatar today. The NC district secretaries from all the 75 districts of the country were present on the occasion.

Stating that the party has adopted flexibility on such disputed issues as the form of governance and the judicial system, he urged the UCPN (Maoist) and the Madhes-centric parties to backtrack from their issues.

Democracy is inevitable for peace, stability, law and order and development in the country, PM Koirala said, adding that they were working to orient the forces not subscribing to democracy also on the path of democracy.

Stating the possibility of development would be lost due to the agitation, he urged the opposition parties to abandon their movement and come to talks.

Party vice-president Ram Chandra Poudel, general secretary Prakash Man Singh, central committee member Dhanaraj Gurung and the party office’s chief secretary Rishikesh Tiwari were present on the occasion.

Party president Koirala on the occasion gave away certificates to the trainers who trained the party’s district secretaries during the three-day training.

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