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Project Sparsh for Social Awareness

Project Sparsh for Social Awareness
Project Sparsh for Social Awareness

Kathmandu, February 28, 2019: Project Sparsh by FONS (Foundation of Nepali Society) is going to conduct awareness program and 2- days long health camp at Lakhantari village. Biratnagar. Lakhantari village is only 30-40 kilometers far from the main city.

However, the village is far away from access of information especially on social norms such as sexual harassment and HIV/AIDS. Dalit community (which is taken as untouchable still in the present context) are residing in the village.

The village has 5000+ population where only 2000 people approxamately were present in the past election. The area has 2 schools – primary and secondary where there is no access of high school education. The people are daily based labors and are treated as abandoned group of the society.

Foundation of Nepali Society is a non-profit organization working to provide access of information to the underprivileged and deserving group of people. Foundation of Nepali Society shortly known as FONS was established on 1st of September, 2017, founded by Priyanka Bhandari.

Press release stated, “We believe that, with Project Sparsh, we will be able to spread awareness on sexual harassment, adequate information on HIV/AIDS and establish harmony, compassion and love resulting progress by reducing inequalities, quality education and good health and well- being.”