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Promise of equality of treatment

Promise of equality of treatment
Promise of equality of treatment

Kathmandu,17 Nov 2014:In the Charter, South Asian countries have committed to promoting equality of opportunity, equality of access and equality of treatment at the national level, in keeping with the respective constitutional provisions, as safeguards against social injustices and discrimination. The countries are struggling at the very core of these issues. Corruption and discrimination has been a nemesis in South Asia’s stride towards development. There still remains widespread discrimination, corruption and illiteracy. Democracy cannot function under mounting problems that incapacitate it and even if it does function, freedom will only be restricted to word and agreement.

The constricted view with which democracy is handled by the rulers in SAARC member countries is one of the major unseen problems.

It would not be amiss if we assert that the ideal of democracy is far from realized and still further when we want to use it for achieving a prosperous and a free country.

The real essence of problem manifested in SAARC’s failure to capitalize on its potential is the failure of the SAARC leaders and the member countries to make full use of democracy and give freedom a more accommodating space.

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