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Promotion of Dairy Industry by Local Government


Terhathum, October 31, 2018:  Local government is planning to open dairy processing industries for the promotion of the dairy industry and encouraging farmers for production. The appropriate budget for milk processing industry is separated by the local government in this fiscal year.

A workshop was organized by the National Federation Cooperatives called as ‘Effective milk supply management on cooperative’. The representatives of the local people pledged for resolving the problems of milk farmers and entrepreneurs.

Arjun Mabuhang, Mayor of the Laligurans municipality shared, “The municipality has already formulated a cooperative policy and expressed commitment to provide full support to make milk sector commercial.” Santabir Limbu, Chairperson of Chhathar rural municipality added, “The local government has devised a special programme to develop Chhathar as a pocket area of milk.”

The people’s representatives from other local governments concluded, “The prosperity of the district is possible through the transaction of milk and milk products such as ghee, cheese and butter.”