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Proposal of University for Peace is Approved


Kathmandu, September 21, 2018: House of Representatives unanimously approved the proposal of establishing University for Peace after a general discussion in a meeting on the international agreement.

The proposal was presented by Minister of Home Affairs on behalf of Minister of Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali.  Home minister Ram Bahadur Thapa advocated the proposal and emphasized that endorsement of the proposal is necessary as Nepal also plays a significant role on promoting the world peace. The aim of the Peace University is to establish peace and stability in Nepal as the university will work on preparing researchers and scholars for the establishment of peace.

The university will work on educating for peace by engaging in teaching, research, postgraduate training, and dissemination of knowledge fundamental to the full development of the human person and societies through an interdisciplinary study of all matters relating to peace, the agreement states.

The date of the election is fixed on September 23 joint committee of both houses of the Federal Parliament.