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Psychology Student is also a Self-taught Photographer: Dharmaraj Ranabhat


Dharmaraj Ranabhat, 25 years old from Bhaktapur is a self-taught photographer. He is currently studying BSc in Psychology at the University of Frankfurt. He aims to be the clinical psychologist as well as an expertise in the Photography field. He shared his life story with Glocal Khabar about self-building and working on passion. 

Journey of his photography

The journey of his photography started 15 months ago. He has been living abroad here in Germany for more than 5 years now. Dharma shared, “When I started feeling sad, I tried to focus on some creativity to divert my mind.  I had a normal camera and I started clicking pictures. And I got addicted to it.”  Since then photography has not only been his diversion point but also a skill that has been enhanced by time and if he wants he can use his skill for making money too.

While working on his passion all by himself, inspirations played a great role in building his skills. He added, “My inspiration were professional photographers like Eric Pare (light painter), Max rive( landscape photographer), Morten Hilmer(wildlife photographer).”  He used to see their work on Instagram and get motivated. He believes that he still has a long journey to be able to do fantastic work like them.

His passionate journey was not so easy. Being a freelancer, he did face criticism yet happy to achieve goal. Dhe shares, “You face first lots of critics, hard time understanding photography techniques at the starting phase but my message to other beginner photographer is to simply ignore such things and focus on your target.”

Bringing Small Changes in Society

Besides photography and study, he is also working in Haus Aja Textor-Goethe which is an old age home in Germany.  He always has a family feeling and affection towards them. When the earthquake hit Nepal, he and his friends decided to build up a team and collaborate with the team in Nepal for the relief help.
He is working with his own group Nepalese Bonding in Germany in cooperation with Hopes of Change in providing the clothes to the orphans and elderly people. His aim is to work for especially orphan children and old age people in the future.
He added, “I did celebrate my Dashain with orphans last year. This year they are still expecting me to be there with new clothes to them which in my absence my team will provide them. But, I am planning to come to Nepal in the next Dashain festival for some more social work projects.”
For that, he is planning to expertise more on photography and videos. He has a big dream of making beautiful tourism video of Nepal using different techniques including the drones. He is also working on organizing phase of an exhibition at his university. The fundraising exhibition will collect some donation for orphan children.

Message to youth

He concluded, “If you do things with passion and heart, you will get what you want. Ignore the critics at the beginning, focus on your target, simply enjoy what you do. Your hobby can be sold as your skill, but its you to decide if you want a business out if it or want to serve the nation a little.”


By: Sampada Dahal