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Public demand banning of tobacco products in Chitwan


Chitwan, 5 January, 2017: A mass rally and demonstration has been organized in Bharatpur with the demand to ban tobacco products like Gutkha from the city. ‘We Are The Youth (WAY)’, a social media based group, took the lead that brought together number of youths.

Representatives from various organizations were among the participants. They were carrying placards calling to ban Gutkha-like chewing tobacco products in the Metropolis.

The people in the gathering argued that the Gutkha and other chewing tobacco carelessly thrown were one of the reasons for environmental pollution. “Indeed, the tobacco products are causing various health problems. It has also become a cause for pollution presently,” shared one of the participants in the rally.

As the metropolitan office is preparing to hold its town assembly meeting, the group is optimistic about getting their agenda discussed. The rally which started from Lions Chowk in Narayangadh concluded on reaching Bharatpur metropolis office.

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