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Public-Private Partnership Important For Economic Prosperity In Nepal


Kathmandu, Jan 14, 2015: At a well attended panel discussion comprising members of the public and private sectors in Nepal, the resounding consensus was the need to build the trust needed for Nepal’s economic prosperity, between the private and public sectors. “Shaping Davos” a panel discussion on building trust in public-private partnerships was organized by Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub on Wednesday in Kathmandu.

Stressing that there is hostility and antagonism between public and private sectors, Dr. Swarnim Wagle, Honorable member of the National Planning Commission said that the present rhetoric should end with public and private sectors appreciating the important role that each plays.

Representing the private sector, Panchakanya Group MD Pradeep Shrestha said, “We are a landlocked country but not a mind locked country.

Birendra Bahadur Deuja, Executive Chairman of Institute of Local Governance Studies said “Public Private Partnerships will not be successful until political stability comes in.”

Radesh Pant, CEO, Investment Board of Nepal and Sandip Shah, Country Director, Statkraft Norway talked about the possibility of implementing PPP in other economic sectors such as agriculture and tourism.

Around 200 invitees attended the event including representatives of the public and private sector, students, civil society, youths and others.

40 cities from all over the world will be connected to Davos to host a global conversation on an issue related to the theme of the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting 2015 in Davos-Klosters.

The Global Shapers Hub of Kathmandu was selected as 40 out of 402 global hubs to host a Shaping Davos panel discussion. The event is an important opportunity to share local knowledge and perspectives, enabling people around the world to learn from Nepal’s experiences. The Shaping Davos event is being organized by the Global Shapers, to enable local solutions for global issues.

The Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub will also host a live event “Shaping Davos” along with Luxembourg, Addis Ababa and Baku- on January 19 that will be moderated by the World Economic Forum and broadcasted live worldwide.

The Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub started in 2011. It has got young professionals and leaders from various fields ranging from social entrepreneurship to media, business to development sector and art to technology.


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