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Public voice for timely constitution, local bodies’ election soon

Public voice for timely constitution, local bodies' election soon
Public voice for timely constitution, local bodies' election soon

Kathmandu,4 Dec 2014: Most people have advised political parties to restructure the states incorporating the Terai and the mountainous region, managing mixed electoral system and instituting constitutional bench at the Supreme Court.

These suggestions were filed at the Constituent Assembly Information Centre as the parties were making efforts to forge common consensus on the disputed issues but they are yet to reach in consensus.

The number and modality of federal provinces, the form of governance, electoral system and judiciary for the new constitution are highly disputed issues among the political parties.

At an interaction programme organized in the capital today, by the Nepal Law Society, the general public has suggested for less than eight provinces.

The centre has collected the public opinion by reaching 75 districts from 300,000 people and most of them have suggested promulgating a new constitution on the slated time and to hold local bodies’ election soon.

They have further demanded to manage minimum two months period to provide their opinion on the issues of new constitution.

Similarly the public has suggested constitutional political dialogue and consensus committee, civil relations and constitution advice committees under the CA to take more discussions on these most disputed issues of the new constitution.

The centre which held an interaction among people from a cross-section of society has gathered the suggestions.

Suggestions coming from an interaction among the citizens, local political activists, indigenous people, Dalit, civic bodies and professionals in the district have been collected at local level, according to the Information Centre.

The Centre, which has been advocating that the constitution should be promulgated through the consistent assembly that consists of the representatives  adhering to the philosophy of  ‘by the people for the people’, has been honoring the contribution of the CA members, increasing the solidarity of the people towards the Constituent Assembly and likewise.

People have it that the constitution drafting process is affected owing to various factors such as delay in establishing State-reconstruction Commission, spare long time for the assimilation of the army, failure in forging consensus despite the repeated meeting among others.

Laymen grieve that the main political parties have been haggling over the number of the federal state. As for deciding on the number of states to be made once the country goes into federalism, the laymen were of the opinion, the political parties are holding dialogue on superficial discussions.

They have also pointed out that the parties show no concern for implanting the agreements made in the past.

They underscored the need to make Legislature-Parliament more powerful and sovereign, Ministers of Council inclusive and the candidate selection process for Proportional Representative unbiased.

The vox populi was carried out among around 300,000 people across various places in the country.

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