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Publisher Note on 4th Anniversary


Kathmandu, August 1, 2018: I remember this day as an initiation of dreaming, developing and exploring. Glocal Khabar today has reached its 4th Year of its establishment. On the very same day Mr. Paras Khadka, Captain, Nepal Cricket Team inaugurated the initiation of a team of volunteers, www.glocalkhabar.com in order to bring forward the news, views and initiation of youth. It’s been an eventful journey with ups and downs, achievements and mistakes but to the most a journey of satisfaction. Back then, I had and have an amazingly hardworking and dedicated team to who have pulled the growth of Glocal Khabar upwards.

Glocal Khabar team photo at the launch of Glocal Khabar in August 1, 2014

Glocal Khabar, which basically focuses on Entrepreneurship, Education, Youth is the very first venture of Glocal Pvt. Ltd., and the platform has helped us to pull all our other ventures to different levels. As I said a Journey of Satisfaction, let me bring out the top 5 reasons for that:

  1. Initiating the approach to bring Youth Initiation, Inventions, Impacts on the forefront news.
  2. Initiating Covering of StartUp Stories and making them visible to the wider range of people and mainstream media. 100 StartUps already covered and still rolling.
  3. Initiating the partnership with Youth Programs around the country to make them visible.
  4. Making students of different Schools and Colleges aware of Citizen Journalism and having articles on reality and their journey.
  5. Connecting the Corporate and big business houses with the Youths involved in different projects and Startups.

The Journey to the 4 years and initiating the 5th year gives us a moment of proud and also a sense of responsibility enlargement for bring out much better stories, impactful coverages and making the platform useful for much wider range of youths in the country.

On the completion of 4th year and initiation of 5th year of our journey we would like to thank all our Viewers, Partners and team for being with us. We would always love to have your suggestions, feedback and blessings to move ahead.

Happy 4th Anniversary !


Asish Thakur,

Publisher & Executive Director,

Glocal Khabar