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Putting Karnali on the map

Karnali Expo sees a host of local and national artists promote the region

Surkhet, December 20, 2016: The Karnali Expo and International Business Fest is currently being held in Birendranagar, Surkhet. The fest has an array of activities that visitors can indulge in featuring Karnali-made handicrafts, performances by various local and national artists, and a photography exhibition.

Journalist Bharat Bandhu Thapa’s exhibit of photos that capture Karnali’s landscapes, lifestyle, wildlife, and religious shrines welcome the visitors. The exhibit is being organised by Regional Tourism Info Centre.

Tilak Ram Adhikari, who is a secretary of Salkot VDC in Surkhet, after browsing through the exhibit, reflected: “Karnali is home to a number of attractions that have cultural and artistic significance. But they are still not getting the limelight they deserve. This photo exhibition has helped to bring them to the forefront. Exhibitions like this one can be crucial in promoting Karnali and its many charms.”

Photojournalist Thapa, who hails from Dailekh, currently works in the Capital; he informs that he has made it a mission to promote Mid-western region to the world.

“It is crucial to promote Karnali’s resources if the state aims to develop the region. If there were transportation facilities that could lead the tourists to Rara Lake, it would not take long to change Karnali’s face,” he said.

Meanwhile, the ninth day of the fest also featured performances by superstar Rajesh Hamal, actress Jyoti Magar and singer Kali Prasad Baskota.

By Prakash Adhikari