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QKS Art Exhibition to promote arts as a vocation in schools


Kathmandu, August 18, 2017: A different kind of art exhibition has recently begun in Kathmandu.

Being hosted by Quality Kathmandu Schools (QKS), an association of private schools in Kathmandu, as the first-ever showcase of its kind, the art exhibition seeks to promote arts as a vocation in schools.

A total of fifty-seven students from nineteen schools around Kathmandu are showcasing their artworks at the Exhibition from August 15-18 at Siddhartha Art Gallery.

Prominent Nepali artist Mr. Krishna Manandhar inaugurated the exhibition on August 15th.

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With the participation of the media, the art community in Kathmandu, and the general public, this Exhibition aims to boost arts education in schools and promote art.

The Exhibition is a first-of-its-kind collaboration among schools in Kathmandu to bring together students of art on a common platform. Besides being a unique effort to promote cooperation amongst schools, it gives young artists an opportunity to showcase their talent at one of the premier art galleries in Nepal. The event also seeks to motivate teachers of art and the community of teachers in general to come together at such showcases to further learning at schools, besides integrating arts education in their teaching-learning activities.

QKS plans to organize such showcases every year, beginning with the Arts Exhibition 2017.

The exhibition will run through August 28 at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Babar Mahal.