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Rally on National Yoga Day


Kathmandu, January 15, 2016: A rally has been organized here today on the occasion of the first National Yoga Day.

The rally organized in coordination of Brahma Kumari Rajyog Service Centre started from Shantibatrika at Ratna Park and concluded at the same spot after marching around Bhadrakali, Khichpokhari, Bhugolpark, Indrachowk, Asan and Bhotahiti and back to Shantibatika.

During the inauguration of the rally, Minister for Education Girirajmani Pokharel mentioned of the importance of Yoga education for everyone and all seasons and times.

“Nepal, where Rishis spearheaded this ascetic discipline, could benefit largely from the promotion of Yoga Tourism,” argued Minister Pokharel, adding that the Yoga Education should be incorporated in the school’s curriculum.
Pokharel was of the view that the Yoga which was developed and evolved in the Himalayan nation Nepal should undertake the initiation in reviving it and propagating it.

Secretary at the Ministry of Education Bishwa Prakash Pandit, on the occasion, said that the Yoga Education helps reform the human’s sanskara. “Yoga plays an important role in eradicating mental disturbance, agony, pain and other aberrations,” added Secretary Pandit.

The theme for this maiden Yoga Day celebration is ‘Yoga for Everyone and Forever’.

Vice-President of Brahma Kumari Rajyog Service Centre Ram Singh Aiyer voiced that the Yoga contributes in keeping a balance among mental, physical and spiritual power in a person.

Participate in the rally were representatives from Ministry of Education, Nepal Army band, Patanjali Yogpeeth Nepal, Gayatri Family Nepal, Hindu Bidyapeeth Nepal and Pulchowk Engineering Campus among others organizations.



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