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Ramadan Festival Begins Today


Bhadrapur, June 19: Muslims all around the world starting Ramadan festival which is observed as the month of fasting by the Muslims today on wards till a month.

Generally, Ramdam is the festival marked to observe the month when the Quran, the great holy book of the Muslims was revealed. The holy month is divided into three parts including the first ten days of good times known as Barakkat, the second ten days of love and care known as Rahamat and the final ten days of Magafirat or forgiveness from Allah.
Fasting from dawn till sunset locally known as Roja is mandatory for all adult Muslims except for those suffering from illness.

Similarly, the festival is believed to promote self-discipline, sacrifice and empathy for those who are less fortunate, thus encouraging actions of generosity and compulsory charity. So, those observing Roja keep their body pure and recite the Quran five times in a day regularly. Likewise, the the lunar Islamic calendar determine the end of Ramadan.


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