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Rampur glow its name on Agricultural Production


Palpa: Rampur Municipality in Palpa district is generally famous for the tourist destination. It is suitable for agriculture production. Rampur municipality-6 is ahead for agriculture production.

The farmers in the village have cultivated banana farming on approximately 40 ropani. Similarly, 10 groups of farmers and 68 farmers have together grown potato farming and 27 farmers beekeeping.

According to Mr.Humnath Neupane, Chairman of the ward said that Rampur is suitable for potato farming because the soil is fertile for potato production. The farmers of the village are encouraged to receive grants for farming.

The Talpokhara enrolled by the government as top 100 tourist destinations and plans to set up a zoo in Jyagdi community forest area at Phyaklu.

Neupane mentioned that the transport allowance of Rs 2,000 grants to each patients suffering from complex diseases, like heart and kidney problems and cancer below the poverty line to reach Rampur Hospital, and Rs 5,000 to get to other areas. The free educational and sports materials has been providing to students and organised a training session for parents to bid for financial empowerment.

A school principal, Mr.Sundar Prasad Devkota admired the ward for conducting development activities and providing educational materials to the students, which will help to enhance their learning skills.

Source: My Republica