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Rebuilding Nepal Together: Syuchatar Paves the way

11301457_10153445570568384_656700899_nJune 23, 2015: On Saturday June 20, an unusual scene was unfolding at Syuchatar, a suburb like village 2 KMs from Kalanki. Youth and student political leaders from different parties were busy building homes for the residents of this one of the hardest hit villages close to Kathmandu.
The disastrous earthquake of April 25 that rocked Nepal claimed 7 lives in the neighborhood and injured more than dozen where youth and student politicians were busy fixing zinc sheet on the roof to build shelter of the villagers.
“This is not the first time our youth leaders have come together to collaborate but definitely the first time carrying hammers and nails and help each other in building homes” said Rewati Raman Dhakal who represents Lumbini World Peace Forum, an organization that is cooperating with Joint Youth and Students Platform.

11541284_10153445561393384_1851808161_nJoint Youth and Student Platform (JYSP) established in 2007 brings youth and student political leaders from parties of different political ideologies to work together on common issues. In the past JYSP was focused on advocacy and lobbying for youth friendly policies but now the priorities have changed. Youth and student leaders are ready to demonstrate that they too can make tangible changes and send positive messages in the society.

Now, Joint Youth and Students Platform has launched ‘Rebuilding Nepal Together’ campaign to support the rebuilding effort.The youth leaders present in the program include Member of parliament Ranjeet Karna from Nepali congress, Jagrit Rayamjhi youth leader of UCPN Maoist and Durga Sharma from CPN UML. Basu Gautam the initiator of the campaign and Executive Director of Joint Youth and Students Platform.


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