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Reconstruction earthquake-affected private houses


Kathmandu: The National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has said that 62 percent of the houses damaged during the massive earthquakes 2015 have already been rebuilt. Currently, 24% are under-construction.

During a meeting of the parliamentary committee on Development and Technology, NRA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Sushil Gyewali informed that reconstruction of 479,545 houses has already been rebuilt and a total of 189,141 houses are currently under the construction. Gyewali said that they have achieved 86 percent progress in rebuilding the houses destroyed by the earthquake if the houses under construction are also taken into account.

The NRA had signed grant agreements with a total of 776,42 beneficiaries for rebuilding the quake-damaged houses. NRA is providing altogether Rs 350,000 as housing grant for these beneficiaries to rebuild their houses, under three tranches –‘Rs 50,000, Rs 150,000 and Rs 100,000.’

According to Gyewali, among them, 99 percent of the beneficiaries have already received the first tranche of the grant, while 80 percent have received the second. Around 67% of the beneficiaries have taken the third tranche of the housing grant.

Private house reconstruction update

Household surveyed 1,036,568
Eligible for household grants 820,610
Retrofitting beneficiaries identified 69,973
Agreement signed with beneficiary 776,427
Private houses reconstructed 479,545
Private houses being rebuilt 189,141
Vulnerable settlements identified 4,929
Vulnerable settlements resettled 4,204


*Source: NRA

He informed NRA has successfully resettled 4,204 vulnerable settlements to secured places out of 4,929 identified vulnerable settlements after the earthquake. Likewise, NRA statistics show that 71% of the total 7,553 schools damaged by the earthquake have already been reconstructed and another 24% are currently under the construction. Similarly, 58% of the total 1,197 health posts destroyed by the earthquake have been reconstructed already while the reconstruction of another 14% health facilities is currently underway. The reconstruction of 51% of 753 cultural heritage sites affected by the earthquake across seven most affected districts has been completed, while the reconstruction of 16% of cultural monuments is underway.“Reconstruction of Ranipokhari, Dharahara, Singha Durbar, and Kastamandap is going on expeditiously”

Chairman of the Parliamentary Development and Technology Committee, Ms.Kalyani Khadka asked NRA to give high priority to reconstruction of damaged houses by the earthquake. She said-“NRA and the government should also give due priority to enhance the livelihood of quake-affected people and ensure availability of subsidized loan facilities to the quake victims.”

The approval of the NRA is expiring on December 25, 2020.

Source: THT